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Fauquier seeks help mapping broadband
Fauquier County begins broadband mapping

Date published: 3/27/2011


Fauquier County is asking for the public's help as it begins a broadband mapping campaign.

Fauquier is the first county in Northern Virginia to partner with Accelerate Virginia, an extension of Virginia Tech's eCorridors program, as it attempts to measure broadband availability within its borders.

The county's goal is to have 300 speed tests taken around the county to locate dead zones and provide other data.

To this end, Fauquier is asking residents to participate in the program and take a two-minute speed test.

Those who take the test will be informed about how their Internet service compares with others in their area.

These tests will also give county officials an idea about where better broadband service is needed.

Such information is expected to help both economic development (telework availability) and provide better educational opportunities (online classes).

To participate in the program and take the test, visit acceleratevirginia.org.

The data collected will also assist Accelerate Virginia in creating a statewide broadband map.

For more information or to report a dead zone, contact Jean Plymale at
Email: vplymale@vt.edu or call 540/231-2270.

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Email: djohnston@freelancestar.com