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Riverbend boys stay unbeaten HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS
High schools

Date published: 4/5/2011


Dylan Latham and Ian Howdeyshell improved to 7-0 in singles play and the Riverbend's boys tennis team (7-0, 6-0) stayed perfect with a 9-0 Commonwealth District win against Mountain View yesterday.

Mountain View (2-3, 2-3) plays at Brooke Point today.

Singles: Dylan Latham (Rb) d. Zac Jones 10-5; Eric Ciccone (Rb) d. Connor Ackermann 10-3; Evan Garr (Rb) d. Dakota Bock 10-4; Ian Howdeyshell (Rb) d. Adam Boudaoud 10-0; Sean O'Toole (Rb) d. Alex Jones 10-2; Ryan Troung (Rb) d. Casey Elam 10-5. Doubles: Latham-Ciccone (Rb) d. Z. Jones-Ackermann 10-4; Garr-O'Toole (Rb) d. Kasey Cicio-Ryan Reid 10-0; Howdeyshell-Troung (Rb) d. Josh Dixon-Chris Versis 10-0.


stafford 5, massaponax 4

BH Kim rallied from a 9-5 deficit to win the deciding match for Stafford. The Indians (6-2, 4-2) host Colonial Forge today.

Singles: Matt Coyne (St) d. Stephen Goerlick 10-3; Tevin Jenkins (Ma) d. Marcus Pare 10-8; Will Janney (St) d. Tory Thompson 10-4; BH Kim (St) d. David McIlvain 11-9; Phillip Holzknednt (ma) d. Matt Francom 10-6; John Mayer (St) d. DJ Sylvia 10-6. Doubles: Coyne-Pare (St) d. Goerlick-Holzkedt 10-5; Jenkins-Thompson (Ma) d. Janney-Kim 11-9; Alex Minnlei-McIlvain (Ma) d. Mayer-Francom 10-8.


The Black-Hawks picked up a Commonwealth District win. They host Mountain View today.

Singles: Jimmy Mattila (NS) d. Josh White 10-8; Nick Sestito (BP) d. Jeremy Rellosa 10-3; Bryan Hodge (BP) d. Hank Blumreich 10-0; C.J. Ballesteros (BP) d. Taylor Demarre 10-7; Shawn Boyce (NS) d. Tyler Beiswanger 10-6; Sean Hamlin (BP) d. Christian Mallory 10-3. Doubles: Sestito-Hodge (BP) d. Rellosa-Blumreich 10-5; Beiswanger-Hamlin (BP) d. Mattila-Corey Schehl 10-6; Ballesteros-Robert Emerson (BP) d. CJ Jackson-Robert Ruff 10-3.


Riverbend 9, Mountain View 0

The Bears swept a Commonwealth District match yesterday. Riverbend (7-0, 6-0) hosts Stafford on Thursday.

SIngles: Taylor Nichols (Rb) d. Bria Elly 10-0; Julia Klaczynski (Rb) d. Katherine Buer 10-4; Courtney Leonarkis (Rb) d. Brittany Wilcox 10-2; Halley Edwards (Rb) d. Katy Garrity 10-8; Jessie Waithall (Rb) d. Valerie Hayes 10-6; Kara Perusse (Rb) d. Cami Tanner 10-8. Doubles: Nichols-Klaczynski (Rb) d. Elly-Buer 10-1; Leonarkis-Edwards (Rb) d. Wilcox-Garrity 10-2; Waithall-Perusse (Rb) d. Hayes-Tanner 10-5.

Stafford 7, Massaponax 2

The Indians swept the three doubles matches to help wrap up a district victory.

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