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Bushrod comfortable playing waiting game page 2
Bushrod awaits big payday, end of NFL labor strife

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Date published: 4/6/2011


"We were prepared for this day," Bushrod said of himself and his fellow players. "It's not like it just came out of left field. As a union, we had good leadership and the right guys in place to get us on the right page, so we're definitely thankful for that. But as a whole, we'd rather be playing."

In the meantime, Bushrod is continuing to train independently. He's helping coaches at Towson for spring practice, while also keeping himself in shape.

He said that next week he might head to a facility in Atlanta to train with other professional athletes.

And until the lockout ends, he'll focus on other endeavors.

His golf tournament will be held on June 17 at Cameron Hills in King George.

Proceeds will go toward scholarships for King George student-athletes, even if they don't want to pursue sports in college.

"It's kind of a token of our appreciation for being a great student-athlete and having the grades to graduate," Bushrod said. "Hopefully it brightens their day and motivates them a little bit."

Bushrod's second annual youth football camp will be held June 18 at King George High School.

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