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Expert, columnist discuss celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. page 3
Learn more about gluten-related health problems from a leading medical authority.

Date published: 4/25/2011


A: From what we understand, 55 mgs per day is the average amount where everyone will be triggered by the auto-immune disease.

Q: So how much would that be in terms of something people would be able to understand?

A: We are talking about maybe, you know, 10-15 crumbs of bread.

Q: Per Day?

A: Yep.

Q: We donít know [exactly]?

A: No. Honestly, its between 10 to 15, but we donít know exactly. But definitely 15 is the average which everybody with disease will react [to].

Q: So what medical specialists should be the most aware of the latest medical information pertaining celiac disease or gluten insensitivity?

A: Most definitely the internists and general pediatricians. They are the ones who see the cases first ... The reason why Iím saying this because the variety is such that sub-specialists will rarely see all the cases. If you have anemia, you go to the hematologist. If you have infertility, you go the OB/GYN. Before you go to these folks, you will definitely go to your internist or your pediatrician.

Q: What is the best way to stay informed because things are changing so rapidly?

A: The best way to stay informed is to consult trustworthy sites on the Internet.

Q: So, This is have to do with my having the auto-immune disease, vitiligo [a condition that causes skin to lose its pigment and develop white patches] ...

I noticed after 2 months of being gluten free that the white patches start re-pigmenting. And now Iím more than 50 percent repigmented. My hands, you canít even tell that had it. So, Iím wondering if can be related to the diet and how?

A: First of all, we have solid evidence for some co-morbities, like celiac disease and type 1 diabetes. We have only anecdotal evidence for other co-morbities, like vitiligo ... Is the gluten the culprit that leads to celiac disease? Undisputedly. Is gluten possible involved in triggering other autoimmune disease like vitiligo? It cannot be excluded.

Nobody knows for sure because nobody is really looking into that. It is pretty obvious that any auto-immune disease, including vitiligo, is triggered by the exposure to an environment.

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