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3 teens stabbed in Olde Forge
Stafford authorities investigating afternoon incident in which students received non-life threating wounds.

Date published: 4/26/2011

Stafford County authorities are investigating an incident in which three teenagers were stabbed during an altercation in Olde Forge subdivision.

Sheriff’s Maj. David Decatur said details were still sketchy, but the incident occurred about 1:45 this afternoon. No arrests had been made as of this evening.

The three victims are 18, 17 and 16 and none sustained life-threatening injuries. One was stabbed in the side, one in the left hip and the third suffered what Decatur described as a “through and through” wound to the shoulder.

Two of the victims attend Stafford High School and the other goes to Colonial Forge. None of the victims live in Olde Forge.

Decatur said it wasn’t clear why the victims were in the southern Stafford neighborhood. One told police they were there to play basketball, while another said they’d come to play football.

At some point, they got into an altercation with four to five other young men, one of whom had a hunting knife.

After being injured, Decatur said, the victims ran back to their vehicle, which was parked at the nearby 7–Eleven. They were heading toward Mary Washington Hospital when they were stopped by a Fredericksburg police officer for speeding, Decatur said.

After seeing their injuries, the officer sent the victims on to the hospital and notified the Stafford Sheriff’s Office.