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Dahlgren to get power boost page 2
Dominion Virginia Power plans $30 million, high-voltage line to serve Dahlgren area

Date published: 5/6/2011


The new 230-kilovolt transmission line would be a "super highway" providing power, said Carla Picard, Dominion's communication manager.

Dominion typically identifies five or six routes for the line, then picks the one with the least impact on homeowners and environmental features such as eagles' nests and wetlands, Pelkey said.

Homeowners on whose property the line is built get a one-time payment from Dominion. They still own the property but grant right-of-way easement to Dominion.

After a route is selected, Dominion notifies affected landowners and invites them to an open house. That would probably be held in spring 2013.

About the same time, the power company would meet with community leaders, including representatives from Caledon State Park and the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail.

The new line would start somewhere along the Route 3 corridor, from Oak Grove to Igo Road, and run north to the Dahlgren base. The new substation would be built on the base near Gate B, at U.S. 301 and Bennion Road.

Construction would begin in summer 2013 and finish in May 2014, according to Dominion's timeline.

The Dahlgren project is one of several in the works for Dominion. It's currently in the middle of a $1.7 billion, two-year process to improve service to 2.4 million electrical customers in Virginia.

Dominion serves 8,000 businesses and homes in King George.

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