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School meal prices go up
Breakfast and lunch prices will increase 5 and 10 cents at Fredericksburg City Schools next year.

Date published: 5/10/2011

When Fredericksburg students return to school in the fall, they’ll begin paying more for their school breakfast and lunches.

The Fredericksburg City School Board voted to raise prices 5 and 10 cents at last night’s meeting.

The prices are being raised to meet the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act, signed by President Barack Obama in December.

Many of the cost increases are in response to higher fuel prices, said David Baker, chief financial officer for Fredericksburg City Public Schools.

If the price of school lunch is less than $2.46, then the prices must be increased between 5 and 10 cents, according to a memo from the Virginia Department of Education.

The increase can climb to $2.46 gradually, or schools must provide non-federal funding to cover the difference.

However, there is no deadline as to when the prices have to meet the $2.46 price, and it could change again next year.

“Some divisions want to increase in a year or a few years, but that is difficult when the economy has tanked and so many taxpayers/parents are already facing other cost increases without an increased (or the same) income stream,” Baker wrote in an email.

The impetus behind the move, in addition to higher fuel prices, is a new requirement that schools provide the same level of support for lunches served to students who pay for lunch as is provided for lunches served to students eligible for free lunch.

Last year Stafford County raised its prices 10 and 15 cents for lunches, and Spotsylvania County raised its breakfast prices 5 cents and lunch prices 10 cents. These new prices were in effect this school year. The new prices for Fredericksburg City Schools will take effect at the beginning of next school year.

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Original Walker–Grant Breakfast $1.35 (10-cent increase) Lunch $2 (5-cent increase)

Hugh Mercer Elementary School Breakfast $1.35 (10-cent increase) Lunch $2 (5-cent increase)

Lafayette Upper Elementary School Breakfast $1.40 (5-cent increase) Lunch $2.25 (10-cent increase)

Walker–Grant Middle School Breakfast $1.40 (5-cent increase) Lunch $2.25 (10-cent increase)

James Monroe High School Breakfast $1.50 (10-cent increase) Lunch $2.35 (10-cent increase)