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Dog deaths close Louisa animal shelter
Dog deaths close Louisa animal shelter

Date published: 6/11/2011

By Portsia Smith

Louisa closes shelter due to virus concerns

The Louisa County Animal Shelter has been temporarily closed following the deaths of two puppies.

Shelter officials said the closure is a precautionary measure because the puppies may have been exposed to canine parvovirus.

"The reports were unconfirmed. However, due to the deadly and highly contagious nature of the parvovirus to dogs, Louisa County is taking a proactive approach to ensure their health and welfare," General Services Director Kevin Linhares said in a news release.

Canine parvovirus is a contagious virus that spreads from dog to dog by contact with their feces.

The virus does not infect humans or cats, Linhares said.

The shelter is closed and all adoptions are suspended until June 21. During this time, the shelter facility and grounds will be scrubbed down to eliminate any traces of the virus.

All dogs there will be quarantined under observation for any signs of the virus.

The shelter will remain fully staffed and continue to take in animals in accordance with state law.

Anyone with questions may call the animal shelter at 540/894-4219.

--Portsia Smith