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'Tito the Builder' to run for seat
Tito the Builder announces state Senate candidacy.

Date published: 6/17/2011


Tito Muñoz, a conservative activist who became known as "Tito the Builder" after a Sarah Palin campaign stop in 2008, is officially running for state Senate.

Muñoz announced his candidacy yesterday for the 36th Senate District, currently held by Sen. Toddy Puller, a Democrat.

The redrawing of district lines done by the legislature this spring means the 36th now includes part of Stafford County.

Muñoz will run in a primary against Jeff Frederick, a former delegate and former state Republican Party chairman, in August. The winner will face Puller.

Muñoz made his announcement with George Allen--former senator, former governor and current U.S. Senate candidate--by his side. Allen is endorsing him.

"He is representative of the American dream," Allen said in a statement. "If you work hard for a living and you care about your family, then you should be able to succeed in America. Tito exemplifies everything that is right about our country."

Muñoz was born in Colombia and is a naturalized American citizen. He owns a construction company in Prince William County.

He said his campaign will focus on jobs and expanding the economy, reducing taxes on businesses, energy independence, transportation issues and educational choice.

"Today in America, the surest way to create jobs and expand the economy is to get the government out of the way," Muñoz said in a written release. "Let people make more choices for themselves with their hard-earned money and the schools their children attend."

The primary between Muñoz and Frederick will be Aug. 23.

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