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Houck leading the contest for campaign cash
Campaign finance reports filed

Date published: 7/19/2011

By Chelyen Davis

When it comes to campaign fundraising, incumbent candidates typically have the edge.

That's proving true in two local state Senate races.

In the 17th District, Democratic state Sen. Edd Houck brought in $160,879 during the fundraising period between April and the end of June. Reports from that period were filed last week.

The reports are based on information from the state Board of Elections and the Virginia Public Access Project.

Houck's campaign donors include numerous state lobbying PACs. He also received $2,000 from the campaign account of former state Sen. John Chichester.

Houck's opponent, Republican Bryce Reeves, raised $70,592 in cash in the quarter, plus $10,000 in loans he made to his own campaign.

Reeves had previously lent his campaign $12,328.

Reeves' donor list shows he has received help from other Republicans in his attempt to topple one of the most senior Democrats in the Senate.

Democrats hold only a slim majority in the state Senate, and Republicans are pushing hard to win two additional seats to retake the majority there.

Reeves got $10,000 from the 7th District Republican Committee, $5,000 from Sen. Ryan McDougle, and $2,500 from Sen. Mark Obenshain.

Houck started out the quarter with more than $400,000 in his campaign account and so has far more cash on hand--$475,991--than Reeves, who reported $110,430 cash on hand.

In the 36th Senate District, which now extends into Stafford County, incumbent Sen. Toddy Puller, a Democrat, raised $97,489, spent $66,891, and ended with $96,834 cash on hand. Like Houck, she received numerous donations from lobbying groups.

Two Republicans--former delegate and former Republican Party of Virginia head Jeff Frederick, and conservative activist Tito Munoz--are battling for the nomination to challenge Puller.

The financial reports show Frederick handily outraised Munoz.

Frederick reported raising $111,204, although $20,309 of that was in-kind contributions. More than half of the in-kind contributions came from his own company, GXS Strategies, and from his PAC, Virginia's Future.

GXS' in-kind contributions were close to $13,000, and Virginia's Future also donated $7,500 in cash to Frederick's campaign. His donations also include $5,500 from his wife, Amy Frederick.

Munoz reported $9,735 in cash, including $3,785 from his Tito PAC. The PAC also reported a $3,500 contribution from Deborah Munoz.

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