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GOP targets Houck's state Senate seat page 3
Republicans hope to claim Edd Houck's state Senate seat.

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Date published: 9/18/2011


"The biggest difference is that with the two-member majority, it's clear the Republicans are going to spend as much money as they possibly can and use any tactics they can to pick up those two seats," Houck said. "The fact that I'm a Democrat who has been successfully re-elected seven previous times in a Republican district, that elevates the race, and so I'm taking it seriously and working very, very hard."

While Reeves and other Republicans have depicted the Democratic Senate as a blockade against McDonnell's agenda, Houck says that's wrong, particularly when the argument is targeted at him.

Senate Democrats passed McDonnell's proposals to invest money in economic development, he said. They approved his higher-education package, and indeed every piece of legislation that McDonnell touts as being successfully passed was passed by Democrats in the Senate.

"The successes he's had are largely accountable to the Democrats in the Senate and with Edd Houck being one of his strongest allies," Houck said. "There's nothing wrong in Virginia. We are the envy of most other states, and for at least the last four years that's from Democrats like myself working with the Republican-controlled House of Delegates and working with our Republican governor."

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