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Court proposal selected page 2
Fredericksburg selects First Choice as builder of new courthouse facilities

 The First Choice site is located at the corner of Princess Anne and Charlotte streets in downtown Fredericksburg.
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Date published: 9/22/2011


"I felt that the way the rankings fell out, that the best solution was not chosen, in my opinion," Ellis said.

Last week, before City Council went into closed session to discuss the courts, Ellis remarked that there would be plenty of time for the public to comment and ask questions about the proposals.

After the most recent session, however, he said he felt the process went too fast.

"We were going to receive input on the whole process, on all three," he said. "In my opinion, that should be a factor. We should take that in as part of the overall evaluation, not just walk out like we did last night," he said.

The public will have a chance to hear more once a contract is signed.

"In my opinion, that's a little too late to get feedback on each of the designs, if we've chosen one," he said.

Councilman Fred Howe III said that four of the council members were in agreement on the proposal chosen. He abstained from voting and said he has chosen not to participate in the process since the proposals were narrowed to three.

He said he doesn't think the proposals meet the PPEA proposal and can't support the project because the city doesn't have the money for it.

The next step is for city staff to evaluate the cost of the project and present something to City Council for approval.

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