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Washed-out road a hindrance page 2
Spotsylvania neighborhood road to stay closed until December

 VDOT crews work to repair a section of Windsor Drive in Spotsylvania County that was washed out last month.
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Date published: 10/6/2011


A similar pipe ran beneath Windsor Drive, according to Hannon. The soil in that area of Spotsylvania is highly acidic and can cause such pipes to deteriorate, she added.

While it seems clear the heavy rains caused the stream to swell and led to the Windsor Drive washout, VDOT engineers aren't sure if the 96-inch metal pipe was deteriorated. There are no inspection records of it or Loriella Park Drive. Both pipes were installed in 1986 when the roads were built.

VDOT plans to conduct annual or semi-annual inspections of both roads from this point on.

To be safe, VDOT is putting together a plan for an emergency entrance/exit to the neighborhoods while Windsor Drive is rebuilt.

VDOT crews probably will begin preliminary work on the road next week.

A new 10- by 8-foot concrete box culvert should arrive the week of Oct. 17, which will allow crews to start rebuilding the road.

The work should be completed by Dec. 1.

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