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$79 Kindle great gift for a granny page 2
Text of Tuesday's Money Talk$ web chat on tech gifts

Date published: 12/8/2011


I'd suggest the Kindle Fire at $199 because he can use it as an e-reader and it's an affordable tablet he can also use for gaming, watching movies, Facebook and surfing the Internet for research for his homework (yeah, right). Your basic, Wi-Fi iPad 2 goes for $499, so the Fire is reasonably priced in comparison. However, if you also want this to be a life lesson on being frugal, get the basic Kindle reader I mentioned above for granny at $79. Life lessons are usually pretty boring, though, unless they involve stitches or explosions.

;">What do you think about the Kindle Fire

The Fire is good if you want a 7-inch tablet that's a great e-reader and also can be used for media and searching he Web. However, I believe Verizon Wireless is selling its 7-inch Galaxy tablet for $149 now--$50 cheaper than the already relatively cheap Fire (Amazon is absorbing a $50 loss on each one because the Fire is set up to be a portal for Amazon.com shopping.) It's not quite as good a reader, but the 7-inch Galaxy Tab also shoots good photos and video. The Fire doesn't have a camera.

;">I'm debating between a Galaxy tablet and iPad. I'm leaning towards the smaller Galaxy because it fits in a purse, is lots less expensive, and has lots of apps. I thought it would be a good idea to invest less at first and see how much I use it, then down the road upgrade. Does that sound like a good strategy?

It's a great strategy, because it sounds like size doesn't matter to you.. Again, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab is one of the best bargains out there now. I used one to take pictures and shoot video at [the International Consumer Electronics Show] in Vegas in January and it was just the right size for that. A 9.7-inch iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 are both great for watching movies and streaming video, but are too big and unwieldy for shooting photos and videos, in my opinion. It really depends on personal taste and what functions are most important to you. But again, it's $149 for the 7-inch Galaxy and $499 for the low-end iPad 2.

;">What can I get for less than $200 that won't be old news in a couple of months, for a techno-savvy husband?

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