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UMW students learn a real lesson in giving page 2
UMW philanthropy class gives $10,000 to area nonprofit groups.

Date published: 12/8/2011


"We were struggling with how awful it would be if we got to the point that we didn't have the money to actually pay the 20 dollars," she said.

Rappahannock Legal Services Director Ann Kloeckner said she hopes to replace four outdated computers with the grant.

In fact, a computer died the same day she learned they would receive money from the philanthropy class.

"It was affecting our ability to represent our clients," Kloeckner said of the old computers. "It was just too slow, it was too cumbersome, they would constantly break down, they would freeze. One of our attorneys was actually late to court because he was trying to download something."

Doug Searcy, UMW's vice president for student affairs, told students that the philanthropy class doesn't stop at the university.

"I imagine that likely this course has changed how you view life and maybe how you'll make decisions in the future as well," he said.

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