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October 2011 Stafford deeds

Date published: 12/31/2011

Hernandez, Pablo A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Dev., 3 Puller Place, Apple Grove, $285,417.

Williams, Jerry P. to Banks, Nguyen R. Sr., 24 Kinser Way, Apple Grove, $306,000.

Carroll, Edward M. & Bridget M. to KB Creative Properties LLC, 1231 Aquia Drive, Aquia Harbour, $205,000.

Deutsche Bank Trustee to Kleinmann, Lee, 2025 Farragut Drive, Aquia Harbour, $233,000.

Economou, Michael N. & Gillian L. to Huston, Elijah A. T. & Lyann K., 2038 Dewey Drive, Aquia Harbour, $205,000.

Equity Trust Company to Green, Jermon D., 203 Sail Cove, Aquia Harbour, $397,000.

Foundation Properties LLC to Loar, Adele M., 3601 Aquia Drive, Aquia Harbour, $299,900.

Foundation Residential LLC to Jackson, Ashley T., 1013 Cape Cod Drive, Aquia Harbour, $255,000.

Foundation Residential LLC to Slater, James C. & Tamara L., 1011 Potomac Drive, Aquia Harbour, $419,000.

Gardner, Erik J. to Covelesky, Alex James, 2017 Coast Guard Drive, Aquia Harbour, $251,900.

Lamm'e, John C. & Barbara A. to Schmuff, Francis A. Jr., 2156 Aquia Drive, Aquia Harbour, $284,900.

Miller, Donald W. & Debra C. to Stinnett, John, 1228 Aquia Drive, Aquia Harbour, $285,000.

Nolan, John & Tammy to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 2132 Harpoon Drive, Aquia Harbour, $211,699.

Prophet & Koehrtaker LLC to Downs, Kathryn Strode, 1004 Cape Cod Drive, Aquia Harbour, $275,000.

Shuman, Robert S. & Joanne E. to Therrell, David E., 3101 Titanic Drive, Aquia Harbour, $316,000.

Wimer, Gayle A. & Timothy M. to Myatt, Howard R., 201 Admiral Cove, Aquia Harbour, $305,000.

Sofis, George T. & Charmaine Crowley to Greenwood, James F. & Donna J., 10 Monument Drive, Augustine North, $512,000.

Zahand, Holly Rae to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 36 Live Oak Lane, Autumn Ridge, $259,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Palacios, Jose M. & Kimberly J., 542 Sanford Drive, Berea Plantation, $131,500.

Croteau, Normand L. & Karyn M. to Celerity Ventures LLC, 7 Barrington Woods Blvd., Barrington Woods, $380,000.

Boutchyard, Kenneth & Jennifer to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 10 Bel Placeains Drive, Bel Plains Estates, $346,108.

Vavrick, Billy Wayne & Lillian Marie to Turner, Nicholas A. & Kimberly A., 32 Bells Ridge Drive, Bell's Run, $378,000.

Isleno, Jose Mario to Scott, Brittany D., 31 Oak Road, Beverly Forest, $178,500.

Waterview Enterprises Inc. to Stewart, Orlando C. Sr & Juanita G., 115 Pewter Lane, Brafferton, $239,900.

Brentsmill LLC to NVR Inc., 48 Naples Road, Brentsmill, $127,000.

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