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The Deal: Wendy Adamczyk

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Date published: 1/18/2012

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FAMILY: My husband and I have four boys ranging from 3 to 10, two dogs and a rabbit.

EDUCATION: I graduated from Chancellor High School, and I have an associate degree in science.

FIRST JOB: When I was 14, I got my work permit and started working at Roy Rogers.

WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP? I thought about going into pharmacy.

HOW DID YOU END UP OWNING BEADS ON PARADE? I had been beading since I was a kid and continued the hobby for years. By the mid-1990s, I was starting to sell my jewelry at festivals. But there was never anything local insofar as a place to buy supplies. And beading is something very tactile, so ordering from a catalog and later from the Internet has its drawbacks. With those sources, you obviously can't hold the beads you are interested in, nor is getting an idea of the colors you want to use as easy as it is when you have the actual items you want to work with in front of you.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST DECISION YOU'RE WRESTLING WITH NOW? A couple of things. Where to advertise is always a challenge. The other is finding ways to bring people in during these tough economic times. We are always looking to come up with new and unique ideas, but at the same time keep things affordable.

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD CHANGE ABOUT YOUR JOB? Not a thing. I love it. I've mentioned to my husband before that, yes, I could go work somewhere else, but I love this business.

WHO WAS YOUR HERO AS A CHILD, AND WHO IS TODAY? If I had to say just one person, it would be my grandmother. She has this spirit, this way of always being happy and making others happy. She told me that happiness depends on ourselves, and I haven't forgot that. But she, my mother, my kids--I'm so proud of them. I really have lots of heroes.

WHO WAS YOUR MENTOR AND WHAT WAS THE BEST ADVICE THEY GAVE YOU? I've never had a mentor. But something that has stuck with me and I don't recall for sure who said it, maybe Einstein, that "you never fail until you stop trying." I feel this is the best way to approach business, life, etc.

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