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Drivers question long waits at stop lights along U.S. 1 in city.

Date published: 2/20/2012

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By Scott Shenk


And can the sensor be adjusted to actually allow the line of cars waiting to turn left onto U.S. 1 the time to do so?

At the moment, four cars can get through, and this number is cut down significantly if a school bus is in the mix.

--Janice Raspen, Fredericksburg

Dear Scott: I am writing concerning the timing of the light at the intersection of U.S. 1 and Cowan Boulevard.

I work at Mary Washington Hospital, and turn toward the hospital from U.S. 1 north, taking the left on Cowan Boulevard.

It seems to me that the light used to be timed, or synchronized, with traffic. If I came to the light and there was no southbound traffic on U.S. 1, the light would let the Cowan traffic go briefly, then the left-turning traffic from U.S. 1 north would go in short order.

For the past several weeks, I have been waiting interminably for the light to cycle itself, and the left-turning traffic waits quite a while, even with no southbound U.S. 1 traffic on the way.

The hospital has a strict attendance policy. Would you check on this for me?

--Mary Hodge, Woodford

According to Shawn Beavon, the city's deputy superintendent of traffic, Fredericksburg signals on U.S. 1 work on four coordinated timing plans based on the time and day of the week.

Beavon said he is checking into the timing plans for the signals in question, and, if needed, will adjust the lights.

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Email: sshenk@freelancestar.com

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