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Expansion work to start at VRE's Leeland lot in Stafford
Expansion work to start at VRE's Leeland lot in Stafford

Date published: 3/1/2012

By Scott Shenk

VRE lot expansion to begin at Leeland

Come Monday morning, Virginia Railway Express riders who use the Leeland Road lot in Stafford County should notice the beginning phase of the lot expansion project.

Over the weekend, workers will re-stripe spaces along the west side of the lot (where the cell tower is) and eventually put up construction fencing, according to VRE. Anyone who parks in that area over the weekend will have his car towed.

The expansion will add 196 spaces to the constantly full lot.

The Brooke lot also will get an expansion--of 234 spots. Work has not yet started there.

Stafford County Supervisor Paul Milde said both expansions should be completed by the end of the year.

The expansion projects are aimed at fixing parking shortages at the two VRE commuter lots, which are at or near capacity on a regular basis.

The projects' total cost, when land acquisition, engineering and environmental studies are included, is $4.4 million.

--Scott Shenk