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Date published: 3/4/2012


Second place--Ileana Mattison, Kanini Muturi, Avalee Taylor, Daniel Taylor

Third place--Alex Sturgill.

--Pat Johnston

Widewater Elementary

Math specialist Judy Schneider announced that students are doing lots of skill practice and have solved 1,003,017 math problems using First in Math.

Students of the month for respect were Haylee Hopkins, Jonathan Charity, Natalie Cullen, Darius Harris, Fernando Ortega, Ephraim Baron, Timothy Crocker, Giova Siladin, Chloe Rotting, Trace Jones, Owen Johnson, Kaitlyn Harmon, Lola Menking, Kenneth Duku, Jade Buckles, Hamza Sajjadi, Adalyn Perez, Vincent Huang, Grace Daley, Mariana Marquez, Augustine Duku, Jordan Carter, Riley Henslee, Issac Islas, Lugene Qawasami, Matthew Segovia, Rebecca Feagans, Aniya Diamond, Bethany Falco, Mark Baron and Eian Yejide.

ESL teacher Deborah Ramsey is the Teacher of the Year at Widewater Elementary.

Those students participating in the Accelerated Reader caught taking quizzes on Leap Day and received special Dr. Seuss prizes from the librarians, Angela Ewald and Nancy Brothers. The top four-point earners, with more than 300 points each received special coupons to spend at the school store, were Dennis Geissler, Aaron Haaf, Caleb Duniver and Michael Hawkins. First-grader, Noah Durham received a school store coupon to spend for reading over 300 books and earned 172 points in the Accelerated Reader program thus far this school year. The class with the most AR points in the school is Lena Boston's fourth-grade with 1057.5 points. As a school the reading and AR points are racking up with 7774.8 so far. The 2011-2012 schoolwide goal is 10,000 points.

--Nancy Brothers

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