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VRE passes fare increase page 2
VRE fares to rise by 3 percent starting July 1

Date published: 4/21/2012


The 19,171 ridership figures for last month were 2 percent less than the same time a year ago. The change represents about 400 fewer rider trips a day, according to VRE.

About 5,000 Fredericksburg-area commuters use VRE to get to and from work each weekday.

In his CEO report, Zehner said there is typically a drop in riders in the spring, so the decrease could be partly caused by that. But he also noted that VRE is keeping an eye on whether the drop in the federal commuter benefit and/or rail car overcrowding could be driving riders away.

"My feeling is, we'll hold where we are and might slightly increase," he said during Friday's meeting.

The news on the VRE usage front isn't all bad.

So far, the overall ridership figures for this fiscal year, which ends June 30, are up nearly 8 percent. And fare revenues are on pace this fiscal year to come in at $2 million over the budgeted estimate of $33 million.

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