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Date published: 4/22/2012


The following are Students of the Month for Perseverance: Michael Adeoye, Zachary Ayriss, Jonathan Baba, J.R. Banks, Azenath Bargas, Larrissa Beard, Nathan Brence, Trenton Calhoun, Arabella Canter, Mariah Childs, Jabez Clark, Jonathan D'Lima, Geordan Daniel, Sasha Davis, Jacob Deditch, John Dent, Mason Durant, Abbey Dykhuis, Andrew Fadur, Steven Fadur, Rafay Hai, Ruben Hernandez, Hayden Fitzgerald, Steven Flores, Jacob Fulton, Savannah Garwood, Thomas Gill, Lauren Gregory, Megan Hart, Bradley Hudson, Kayla Ingram Byington, Ja'ron Johnson, Jessica Johnson, Tori Judkins, Caleb Kenney, Angelina Leput, Ashley Leput, Brittany Marble, Cornelious Mayes, Jade Mehringer, Tristen Muterspaw, Ayden Norris, Dimitri Peterson, Matthew Purcell, Cameryn Ramsey, Zachary Reed, Madeline Reiten, Xavier Robinson, Vincent Rosseau, Kenneth Shifflett, Amarzhae Smith, Giyento Ssekangu, Ryan Strother, Cassie Sturgill, Daniel Taylor, Aiden Torreyson, Catherine Tucker, Keaton Upton, Aiden Warren, Dillon Welch, Jordan Wickline, Sophia Woody and Bradley Zendek.

--Pat Johnston

Gayle Middle

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning about 7:30 a.m., a rotating group of nine Gayle Middle School students arrive at school earlier than most of their peers to help get the video announcements ready for broadcast. For the past 10 years, under the supervision of Dorleita Ballard, many students have had the opportunity to run a full video production. What started as two cameras and a VCR has turned into a classroom of three professional video cameras, a green screen, teleprompters and a multitude of computers and television screens. As the full-time technology resource teacher, Mrs. Ballard has a multitude of technology responsibilities to help teachers in their classrooms on a daily basis, and runs the video crew two mornings per week. The video production has gotten large enough that the assistance of Rose Averett, the school's math coach, is needed to help with scripting the morning's announcements. To help the students gain a better insight into how a true television studio is operated, Mrs. Averett and Mrs. Ballard were able to facilitate a tour of NBC4 studios in Washington recently. Fifteen of the core members of the school's video production crew attended a personal tour conducted by Tom Kierein, NBC4's meteorologist on the morning news. The students who participated were in awe of how a professional studio compared with their school "newsroom."

--Bet Fitzgerald

A. G. Wright Middle

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