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Hope for Congress?
Wittman speaks on the dysfunction in Congress and the future

Date published: 5/4/2012

DESPITE massive problems facing the country and the dysfunction on Capitol Hill, Rep. Rob Wittman remains optimistic, especially about prospects for Virginia's 1st District.

Mr. Wittman, a Republican from Montross who is beginning his campaign for re-election, made a stop at The Free Lance-Star on Wednesday. Now in his second full term in Congress, he believes that when push comes to shove, Congress will act. "It's easy," he says, "to make political hay" out of disagreements, but at some point "reality does set in." Entitlement programs will go broke if they are not restructured, and, by the end of this year, many tax breaks will expire, creating a "taxmageddon."

Asked what Republicans could offer if President Obama's health care reform law is overturned by the Supreme Court, Mr. Wittman says that the GOP caucus knows full well it can't simply be anti-Obamacare. Right now, 38 drafted health care bills await the Supreme Court decision. If the president's program is declared unconstitutional, Republicans are ready to provide alternatives.

Mr. Wittman faces a re-election challenge from the Democrats' presumptive candidate, Adam Cook, an Air Force Reserve JAG officer who served in Afghanistan. Voters should look forward to a good, open debate on the issues as the campaign progresses.