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For time being, river gondola is still pie in the sky page 2
Silver Cos. leaving options open for cross-river gondola linking its 'Celebrate' developments

Date published: 5/13/2012


The gondola was supposed to have been built within five years, but the city has approved extensions until July 2015. The air lease runs through July 2062.

The gondola's northern terminus would be on city-owned land in Stafford County that is part of a separate, 4,200-acre easement that runs along the riverfront for more than 20 miles upstream. Hornung said Silver owns about 308 acres and an easement on the Stafford side.

The city chose the Silver Cos.' bid for the air rights over a $10,000 bid by Scenic Rappahannock River Consortium, which was intended to block the gondola plan.

Backers said the gondola would offer visitors a scenic way to visit both sides of the river, while keeping most of the infrastructure out of view from the water.

Critics countered that the construction would harm the river environment, and that the cable and suspended cars would spoil the view.

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