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VRE making plans to grow page 2
VRE board talks about addition of rail cars, trains to accommodate expected rider increases

Date published: 5/19/2012


VRE could increase the "step-up" option, where VRE riders pay an extra $5 to take Amtrak trains. VRE sells 7,500 of these tickets a month, more than they expected, Zehner said.

He suggested that VRE could lower the step-up price to $2 per ticket. VRE would have to subsidize the cost of doing that, which would amount to $950,000 annually, Zehner said.

Another option would be to add a rail car to train 303, which runs from the Fredericksburg area. That would add 260 seats. This would cost VRE an estimated $120,000 annually. VRE could also add two cars to Manassas trains.

The biggest and most expensive move would be to add another VRE train, which could coincide with the opening of the Spotsylvania station.

Such a move would add an estimated 2,200 seats a day. It would cost an estimated $20 million in capital costs and $1.3 million a year in operating costs.

"When Spotsylvania opens," he said, "we'll probably need another train."

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