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The Deal: Megan Parry, Beaucoup Vintage

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Date published: 6/5/2012

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By Craig Schulin


HAVE YOU EVER WORKED WITH A NOTABLE PERSON OR CELEBRITY? IF SO, WHO? Not yet. I've got my eye on Taylor Swift, though. Girl loves a vintage dress! Anyone know her PR person?

WHAT BUSINESS BOOK DO YOU RECOMMEND THE MOST AND WHY? Honestly, the "Retail Business Kit for Dummies" was the best book I read. It's comprehensive, detailed and written in an easy-to-read, conversational tone.

CAN YOU SHARE A WEIRD FUN FACT ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION THAT WE MIGHT NOT KNOW? A lot of the clothing I buy comes with a story. I've bought dresses from a woman's honeymoon 50 years ago, necklaces from safari vacations from the 1970s, hippie dresses from prom night, etc. It's fascinating!

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE THINKING ABOUT STARTING A BUSINESS RIGHT NOW? Make sure you have more startup capital than you think you're going to need, be flexible, and make sure you really understand (and like!) your customer and your product.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO BE DOING WHEN NOT WORKING? Sipping cocktails with Tom and friends at Bistro Bethem.

WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW? I'd like a thriving shop with constantly evolving inventory, lots of awesome, regular customers, and a great group of shop girls. I have other plans but they're best left as surprises.

WHO WOULD YOU RATHER SPEND TIME WITH, WARREN BUFFETT, DORIS BUFFETT OR JIMMY BUFFETT? Warren Buffet. His incredible business success is so inspiring; hopefully some of his smarts would rub off on me during our meeting! He also seems to be kind, humble, self-aware, with a good sense of humor.

540/656-2281; beaucoupvintage.com

--As told to Craig Schulin

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