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Locals support ousted leader page 3
Area U.Va. alumni say they hope the university's president will be reinstated today.

Date published: 6/26/2012

By Jeff Branscome


Valentine, who has helped found a U.Va. alumni club in Fredericksburg, said the whole situation feels "surreal.

"This is probably the most disruptive thing that's happened to the university since the Rotunda fire. That's just not how you handle things," Valentine said. It's almost like this can't be happening at the University of Virginia there's too much honor and trust and integrity for the board to conduct their business this way."

Other alumni also spoke of transparency, or the lack thereof, being a big concern.

U.Va. alumna Casey Paul, 25, said she emailed the board of visitors Monday asking them to reinstate the ousted president because "simply put, it's the right thing to do."

"I just think that transparency is important, and the fact that they failed to use that in their decision-making process is hurtful," said Paul, who is from Stafford and graduated from UVa. in 2009.

Alumnus Matthew Resnick, 25, of Spotsylvania County said he thinks the board of visitors will reinstate Sullivan today. He said he hopes the rector apologizes, too.

"It seemed like the decision was made in a very un-U.Va.-like manner," he said.

Chip Massey, who graduate from U.Va. in 1970 and from its medical school in 1974, said he hopes a larger lesson can be learned from the situation.

It's an opportunity, he said, "to examine governance of universities and what excellence means. It could be a very positive thing for the university."

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Staff writer Jeff Branscome contributed to this report.

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