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Pets up for Adoption

Date published: 7/2/2012

The following pets are among those available for adoption at Fredericksburg-area animal shelters:


540/898-1500; fburgspca.org

Allison, tortie cat, 2 years old, spayed female, playful

Aries, black cat, neutered male, 4 years old, affectionate

Bizzy, black and white cat, spayed female, 5 years old, sweet

Ghost, white cat, neutered male, 11 years old, quiet

King, Alaskan husky mix, neutered male, 1 year old, energetic

Mojo, Basenji mix, 4 years old, neutered male, jogging partner

Pistachio, gray cat, neutered male, 5 years old, handsome

Rock, boxer, 10 years old, neutered male, loyal

Savior, orange tabby cat, neutered male, 4 years old, entertaining

(Open house first Saturday of each month at PetSmart, Central Park; second Saturday at Petco, Plank Road; third Saturday at PetSmart, South Gateway Drive; and fourth Saturday at Petco, Worth Avenue, Stafford.)


540/658-7387; co.Stafford.va.us; look for link to Animal Control Department. From there, click on Adopting an Animal.

Piper, pit bull mix, female, blue and white

Kemo, pit bull mix, male, white

Pep, hound, female, white and tan

J.C., pit bull-shepherd, male, brown and white

Daisy, pit bull mix, female, brindle and white

Hazel, pointer mix, spayed female, chocolate and white

Cannon, hound mix, male, brindle

Cats and kittens also available.




Jack, Catahoula/Aussie, red merle, neutered male

Precious, hound, female, black and white

Princess, beagle-hound, female, tricolor

Labrador-chow, female, black with gray

Max, boxer mix, male, black and brown

Cinnamon, Labrador mix, spayed female, black and brown

Skip, Labrador-pointer, neutered male, white with chocolate

Dizzy, Lhasa Apso, neutered male, tan

Bonnie, coon hound, spayed female, black and tan

Simone, shepherd-retriever, spayed female, black

ADVOCATS INC. (Spotsylvania County Feline Rescue Group)



Cockteil, shorthair cat, 3 years old, brown female tabby, friendly

Chloe, shorthair tortie cat, 2 years old, female, friendly

Alexa, shorthair cat, 1 year old, female, white and gray, quiet

Buster, shorthair cat, 2 years old, male, buff and white tuxedo

Sonny, shorthair cat, 1 year old, male, buff and white, family friendly

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