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Families struggle after effects of Friday's severe storms

 After removing the oak tree from the roof, Williams family members saw the damage to their house in Stafford.
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Date published: 7/3/2012


After the storm hit on Friday night, the elevator mechanic quickly grabbed a generator that he purchased after last fall's Hurricane Irene and wired it up to his house to run air conditioning and lights. "I wanted to do it the right way," Brown said.

Trees fell on top of several power lines in Ferry Farms neighborhood, leaving nearly two dozen homes still without power Monday evening and residents with no guess for when it may return.

Because of heavy phone traffic to Dominion Virginia Power on Saturday, Donna Isgrig said it took time to report the outage.

She and husband Bob Kash have been refilling their generator with gas every five hours to power fans, lights and two refrigerators.

To cool down their bedroom, the couple place a fan in the window at night.

That "was nicer, but still, I prefer a little cooler than 77 degrees," said Isgrig.

Added next-door neighbor Mark Haymes: "Thank God for generators."

The already close-knit neighbors said they've been seeing quite a bit of each other since the storm hit.

"It's kind of been a community picnic almost, from breakfast to cocktail hours," Kash said.

Jess Catron on Hamlin Drive realized he was lucky to have a generator as well, purchased after Hurricane Isabel hit in 2003.

Power had returned to most of his Ridge Pointe neighborhood, but not his street. He was working from home Monday afternoon to gas up the generator and make sure his dog and cat weren't overheated.

"Boy, it sure would be nice to have air conditioning," Catron said. Power was restored to much of Hamlin by Monday night.

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