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Students enjoy a good summer read page 2
Conway Elementary School offers summer library hours

 Computers are a big draw for children at Conway Elementary's summer reading program. Forty to 50 families typically visit the kid-sized library each week. The school has hosted the program for the past five years.
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Date published: 7/22/2012


"This one I might be able to read myself," Haley said, pointing to a pink Disney "Happy Birthday, Princess!" book. "I'm still learning. Sometimes I read in my head."

The library's 20 iPads are just as popular as the shelves full of books This past year, Conway's PTA used a grant to buy the cart full of the electronic tablets that are used in classrooms and the computer lab.

And the pint-sized kids knew more about using the digital devices than many adults.

After choosing their books, sisters Kera Halstead, 5, and Kayla, 8, carried two iPads to a round table.

"You probably already know how to use it," said grandmom Helen Brennan as they walked over.

And the two girls certainly did, quickly swiping the screen to find folders of games about math or healthy eating, like "Feed the Monster."

Kera giggled when she selected the hot peppers, causing steam to come out of the digital monster's ears. Meanwhile, healthy foods made the monster happier.

Brennan loved that Conway's library catered to students, and the girls already knew where to find the books they wanted.

"With this library being open, we don't have to go to England Run," she said of the regional library in southern Stafford. "This should have been something that was done years ago."

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