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Dog's injuries raise questions
Stafford SPCA looks for help to treat injured dog

 Chip, who may be a Lab/pit bull mix, was found Sunday in Stafford with a broken leg. Animal control is investigating.
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Date published: 7/31/2012


At 64 pounds and about 1 year old, Chip looks like a fairly healthy dog, says Lori O'Pry of the Stafford County SPCA.

The black-and-white dog, who looks to be a Lab and pit bull mix, has great teeth and strong bones, and he loves human attention.

That's why the SPCA is asking questions after he was found with a broken back leg on Courthouse Road on Sunday morning.

"For someone to lash out and strike and hit that bone, it's very deliberate," said O'Pry, the SPCA's director of operations.

At first, she and executive director Bill Hoyt thought the friendly dog had been hit by a car, based on what a caller had told them on the phone.

But Chip's injuries are inconsistent with that type of trauma, they discovered, because only his leg is affected. He doesn't have any other cuts or bruises, or injuries to his liver or ribs.

Now the SPCA is asking for the community's help in paying for the dog's extensive vet bills to repair his leg. Already, donors have given more than $1,000 on the organization's ChipIn.com page, which the shelter uses occasionally to raise funds.

"There's so many dogs that are out there. This is a very, very lucky dog. This isn't something we can do every day. It's not something [Stafford County] animal control can do every day," said O'Pry.

The SPCA, which has a shelter on Andrew Chapel Road and an office on U.S. 1 at Stafford Courthouse, received a call about 11 a.m. Sunday.

The caller said he had found a dog with a broken leg on Courthouse Road, seemingly the result of a hit-and-run situation. The man didn't give a specific location where he found the dog.

Hoyt told him to take the dog to Banfield Pet Hospital in Stafford Marketplace, where the SPCA commonly treats animals.

There, Dr. Heather Trout gave the unneutered dog pain medications and took X-rays.

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Do you know anything about this dog? Chip is a 1-year-old possible Lab/pit bull mix found off Courthouse Road in Stafford County.

Call the SPCA at 540/657-7387 or Animal Control Officer Warnick at 540/658-7387.

To donate to Chip's care, visit staffordspca.chipin.com/chips-injuries. The SPCA is also looking for a foster family that can take Chip to the vet every two weeks.