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Dahlgren power line moves ahead page 2
SCC examiner recommends approval of Dahlgren transmission line. Comments from base and regional officials give insight into the Navy's operation there

Date published: 8/13/2012


Those would get worse without more voltage. The base expects to exceed Dominion's existing capacity by 2014. And that's without the additional electricity needed to power the railgun, which may be the Navy's most formidable weapon.

The railgun works by a pulse of electricity traveling along two parallel rails. It propels missiles at a tremendous rate--five times the speed of sound.

Hudson also told the SCC that the Dahlgren base almost lost hundreds of jobs in 1995 as part of the base realignment and closure process, and that the base "remains vulnerable to future closures."

Dominion officials said they were pleased with how quickly the SCC examiner published his report. The next major milestone is receiving final approval from the SCC, said Carla Picard, Dominion's communication manager.

The company hopes to acquire needed rights of way this fall, then begin construction in the spring. The goal for project completion is May 2014.

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