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Tent-inspection fees vex Orange supervisors page 2
Orange supervisors taking a look at tent inspection fees.

Date published: 8/16/2012


The question was tabled until Tuesday's meeting, when Schwind was present to answer the supervisors' questions. He said the state has decreed that tents must meet installation and safety standards.

He said eight surrounding counties, plus the cities of Fredericksburg and Charlottesville, charge separate tent and electrical inspection fees, which range in total from $85 to $180, with an average of $123. He said those localities do not provide discounts for multiple tents.

Orange County's $100 fee covers both the tent and electrical inspections. Schwind said it costs his department $89.76 to do the inspection, including travel expenses.

The board tabled the Fair Association's request again, but asked Schwind and the county staff to come up with estimates of how to handle a discount for multiple tent permits, as well as conditions to qualify for such a discount.

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