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Call for VRE audit rejected page 2
FBI investigating former VRE employee for potential fraud and Susan Stimpson, VRE board member and Stafford supervisor, asks for an independent audit of the commuter rail service

 The FBI is investigating an anonymous tip that alleged that a former VRE employee was receiving kickbacks.
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Date published: 8/18/2012


"There may be a satisfactory explanation," she said of her concerns with VRE's financial oversight. "But I want to ensure that we have the proper controls and procedures in place."

Part of her concerns center on a VRE audit report completed in November.

According to the Post, the report included a handwritten note stating that officials had "no knowledge of fraud or suspected fraud involving VRE." The paper reported that the issue in that case involved an earlier potential contract problem unrelated to the FBI investigation.

In the months that followed the 2011 audit, Stimpson said, she asked the board several times if they could get some kind of clarification from the auditor, PBGH.

"Still haven't heard from them," she said.

Stimpson can't understand why other board members are against having an independent audit.

"We already know something wasn't working correctly," she said, pointing out the employee who was fired and adding that there are other potential issues being looked into. "Let's identify it and fix it."

Roeber said he doesn't know of any other investigations into financial issues.

He did say in the Post story that state and federal authorities are looking into possible misuse of taxpayer money.

Following Stimpson's failed motion on Friday, the board went into closed session and interviewed CEO candidate Doug Allen, a public transportation veteran from Texas.

Following the lengthy closed session, the board voted to recommend Allen as the new CEO.

The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission and the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission, which oversee VRE, must approve Allen before he can become the new CEO.

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