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Landfill official proposes cash-for-trash plan page 2
King George landfill director has an unusual proposition: Able-bodied members of groups that want donations can pick up trash in return for cash

Date published: 8/23/2012


The work should be finished in November.

Cue reminded the supervisors that some smells may be unleashed when workers open temporary caps that have sealed in some of the more heinous odors.

Waste Management has spent $12 million in two years on systems to contain the rotten-egg smell at the landfill. The unpleasant aroma came about as a byproduct of decomposing coal ash from a plant in Alexandria. That ash is no longer accepted.


For the ninth time, King George amended its agreement with the landfill and will allow the facility to take in another 140,000 tons of trash this year, if needed. The county gets $5 for each ton dumped at the landfill, so the extra tonnage equates to $700,000.

Under the agreement between King George and Waste Management, the landfill can accept 1.248 million tons of trash a year.

Activity has picked up in 2012, but for four years before that, the landfill was short of its allowed amount by 386,188 tons, Cue said.

The landfill began operations in 1994 and should last until 2027.

The county gets about $6.4 million in revenue a year from the landfill, and supervisors have talked often about what will replace that stream of money when the landfill closes.

Officials are pinning a lot of their hopes on the King George Industrial Park. Supervisors signed an agreement Tuesday--after several years of discussion--to proceed with plans for Columbia Gas of Virginia to extend its natural gas pipeline from Stafford County into the industrial area.

Engineering costs will be about $200,000. That money already was set aside in the county's capital improvement plan.

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