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August 27, 2012 12:10 am

The following pets are among those available for adoption at Fredericksburg-area animal shelters:



Archie, orange tabby cat, 3 years old, neutered male, entertaining

Bizzy, black and white cat, spayed female, 5 years old, independent

Chrissy, Labrador mix, spayed female, 6 years old, good companion

Cocoa, American foxhound mix, spayed, 11 months old, energetic

Disco, tabby cat, spayed female, 2 years old, playful

Gigi, gray and white cat, spayed female, 8 years old, beautiful

Mya, spaniel mix, spayed female, 18 months old, adorable

Sinatra, black cat, 18 months old, neutered male, spirited

Sparkle, calico cat, 7 years old, spayed female, gorgeous

(Open house first Saturday of each month at PetSmart, Central Park; second Saturday at Petco, Plank Road; third Saturday at PetSmart, South Gateway Drive; and fourth Saturday at Petco, Worth Avenue, Stafford.)


540/658-7387;; look for link to Animal Control Department. From there, click on Adopting an Animal.

Diesel, pit bull mix, 2 years old, male, brown

Blue, pit bull, male, 2 years old, white and merle

Bruce, Saint Bernard-hound, male, brown and white

Hardy, Labrador mix, adult male, black

Starr, pit bull mix, spayed female, blue tan, 6 years old

Boscoe, husky-chow, male, 1 year old, black and white

Kavik, shepherd mix, male, 4 years old, black and brown

Cats and kittens also available.



Max, Labrador mix, 4 years old, neutered male, housebroken

Kona, Shepherd-pit bull, 3 years old, spayed female, great with kids

Sheba, Labrador mix, 6 years old, spayed female, great with kids

Romeo, Chesapeake Bay retriever-Labrador, 3 years old, male

Jackson, shorthair tabby, 3 years old, neutered male, affectionate

Nahla, shorthair cat, 2 years old, spayed female, loves everyone

Sugargliders, bonded pair, 2 years old, complete setup with cage



Rocky, Labrador, black, male

Bandit, hound-terrier, male, black and white

Prince, English Setter, male, white with black ticking

Precious, spaniel mix, female, white with red spots

Diego, Akita mix, neutered male, tan and black brindle

Roxie, Labrador mix, female, black and white

Hoover, dachshund mix, male, black and white

Spartacus, cocker-corgi, male, yellow

Akita mix, male, tan and white

Labrador mix, female, black with brown tints

SHADOW CAT ADVOCATES (Stafford County Feline Trap-Neuter-Release and Rescue)


About 10 kittens and 35 adult cats available for adoption or fostering.

ADVOCATS INC. (Spotsylvania County Feline Rescue Group)


Binx, shorthair cat, 2 years old, female, black and white, friendly

Bella, shorthair cat, young adult, female, white with black, friendly

Kaylee, longhair kitten, female, very affectionate

Buster Brown, shorthair cat, male, 2 years old, buff and white tuxedo

Sonny, shorthair cat, 1 year old, male, buff and white, friendly

Guinness, shorthair kitten, male, gray and white-mitted tabby

Polly, shorthair kitten, female, black and white tuxedo, cuddly

Betty Sue, shorthair kitten, female, black, friendly

Wesley, shorthair kitten, male, grey tabby, playful

Lots of kittens available

(Adoption events are held at Petco and PetSmart. Event schedule on website.)



King, pit bull mix, brindle, male, 3 years old, sweet, handsome

Razor, Labrador-pit bull, black and chocolate, young male, energetic

Skilo, shepherd mix, 2 years old, neutered male, brown/black/white

Ludo, shepherd mix, tan and brown, adult male, wants to be loved

Tanga, Labrador mix, young female, black and white, enthusiastic

Pierce, Labrador-pit bull, young adult, female, chocolate, sweet

Duke, golden retriever mix, adult female, black and tan, needs TLC

Boxer mix, brown and white, adult male, good temperament

Bulldog mix, white, adult male, gorgeous, good temperament

American Staffordshire mix, young adult male, fawn and white

American Staffordshire mix, adult female, tan, loves everybody

Labrador mix, chocolate and white, adult male, sweet

Cats, hairs, shorthairs, tabbies and calicos available



Celli, Siberian husky, 18 months old, female, black/white, excavator

Shellie, Siberian husky, female, black and white, 18 months old, sweetie

Wolfgang, Siberian husky, male, red and white, 9 months old, snuggler

Art, Siberian husky, 3 years old, male, white, leaner

Rudolph, Siberian husky, male, black and white, 18 months old, comical

Molly, shorthair cat, 8 years old, female, gray/white, gregarious

Goldie, shorthair cat, 5 years, female, orange tabby/white, cuddler

Whitfield, shorthair cat, 3 years old, male, buff tabby/white, explorer

Sonia, shorthair cat, 3 years old, female, brown tabby, stunning

Ashton, medium-coat cat, 2 years old, male, black

(Pet Harbor Rescue and Referral is a Siberian husky and cat rescue. Adoption events are held at Massaponax PetSmart.)

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