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Orange boards hope to boost cooperation
Orange Board of Supervisors taps chairman to be liaison with School Board.

Date published: 8/30/2012


Acting swiftly on a commitment made at their joint retreat earlier this month, Orange County supervisors tapped their presiding officer to serve as their School Board liaison.

Supervisor Jim White nominated Board of Supervisors Chairman Teel Goodwin for the new position Tuesday night. Asked whether he wanted the job, Goodwin replied: "Yes, I'll take it. I'm the one that asked for us all to get together, so I guess I'm the one who needs to go."

By unanimous vote, the supervisors confirmed his appointment.

The supervisors also heard a recommendation from county building official Bill Schwind on reducing inspection fees for multiple tents. Virginia code requires a permit and inspection for tents larger than 900 square feet, or that can be occupied by more than 50 people. Orange County currently charges a $100 fee for each permit and inspection.

The Orange County Fair Association, which had used 10 such tents at this year's fair, requested a waiver of the permit fees for those tents, and the supervisors, at their Aug 14 meeting, asked Schwind to explore how discounted fees for multiple tents might be implemented.

Schwind specified that the tents being discussed were the type used for weddings, carnivals and commercial exhibitions, but not by funeral homes or for an average backyard family reunion.

He proposed a revised fee schedule charging $100 for the first tent but $50 for each subsequent tent, provided that the multiple tents would be installed at the same time and location for the same event, that they would be inspected at the same time and that all tents had the same permit applicant.

He also proposed fees of $75 for a first re-inspection and $50 for subsequent ones, in case not all the tents were available for inspection at the same time. The modified fees, he said, would be applicable regardless of whether an organization or an individual was submitting the application.

The supervisors voted unanimously to present the modified fee schedule for a public hearing at their Sept. 25 meeting.

In other matters, the supervisors voted unanimously to approve condemnation action to acquire an easement over a 1.409-acre property owned by Jenelle Biscoe Roberts. The easement was sought because the property lies within the Federal Aviation Agency's designated runway approach and glide slope areas of the Orange County Airport.

The property owner had previously rejected the county's offer to purchase the easement. The board held a public hearing on June 12, but tabled action at that time.

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