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Pets up for Adoption

Date published: 9/3/2012


Wendy, dark calico, 4-5 months old, female, lap kitten, gives kisses

Pogo, Russian blue, 5 months old, male, three-legged, sweet

Bailey, Main Coon mix, neutered male, 18 months old, alpha cat

Doodles, shorthair cat, orange, neutered male, 1 year old

Pebbles, brown and gray tabby, petite, 11 months old




Labrador mix, male, black, tan and white

German shepherd, male, black and tan

Chihuahua, female, white with brown spots

Chihuahua, female, tan with white on chest

Beagle, female, tricolor

Labrador mix, neutered male, black

Labrador-hound, female, black

Labrador, male, black

Collie mix, male, brown and black brindle

Hound-boxer, male, tricolor

Cats and kittens also available.

ADVOCATS INC. (Spotsylvania County Feline Rescue Group)



Binx, shorthair cat, 2 years old, female, black and white, friendly

Bella, shorthair cat, young adult, female, white with black, friendly

Kaylee, longhair kitten, female, very affectionate

Buster Brown, shorthair cat, male, 2 years old, buff and white tuxedo

Sonny, shorthair cat, 1 year old, male, buff and white, friendly

Guinness, shorthair kitten, male, gray and white mitted tabby

Polly, shorthair kitten, female, black and white tuxedo, cuddly

Betty Sue, shorthair kitten, female, black, shy

Wesley, shorthair cat, gray tabby, male kitten, playful

Lots of kittens available

(Adoption events are held at Petco and PetSmart. Event schedule on website.)




King, pit bull mix, brindle, male, 3 years old, sweet, handsome

Razor, Labrador-pit bull, black and chocolate, young male, energetic

Skilo, shepherd mix, 2 years old, neutered male, brown/black/white

Ludo, shepherd mix, tan and brown, adult male, wants to be loved

Tanga, Labrador mix, young female, black and white, enthusiastic

Pierce, Labrador-pit bull, young adult, female, chocolate, sweet

Duke, golden retriever mix, adult female, black and tan, needs TLC

London, border collie mix, female, 4 years old, sweet

Boxer mix, brown and white, adult male, good temperament

Bulldog mix, white, adult male, gorgeous, good temperament

American Staffordshire mix, young adult male, fawn and white

American Staffordshire mix, adult female, tan, loves everybody

Labrador mix, chocolate and white, adult male, sweet

Cats, hairs, shorthairs, tabbies and calicos available


703/583-4759; petharbor.org

Wolfgang, Siberian husky, male, red and white, 11 months old

Kaccy, Siberian husky, female, gray and white, 9 years old, champion

Molly, shorthair cat, 8 years old, female, gray/white, dainty

Zempo, shorthair cat, 3 years old, male, orange tabby and white

Sonia, shorthair cat, 3 years old, female, brown tabby, stunning

Ashton, medium-coat cat, 3 years old, male, black, lovestruck

O'Grady, shorthair cat, 3 years old, male, red tabby and white

Rosenthal, Siamese mix, 3 years old, male, white, sophisticated

Dowdy, shorthair cat, 1 year old, male, black, playful

Ginny, shorthair cat, 2 years old, female, calico, comical

(Pet Harbor Rescue and Referral is a Siberian husky and cat rescue. Adoption events are held at Massaponax PetSmart.)

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