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Campground faces $10k fine
Caroline campground faces fine over sewage treatment plant issues

Date published: 9/14/2012


Four Winds Campground faces a $10,500 fine for problems associated with its sewage treatment plant.

That's according to a proposed consent order between Caroline County campground owner Four Winds Club Inc. and the State Water Control Board. A consent order is a negotiated settlement between the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and a responsible party.

According to the order, the campground near Woodford reported that it exceeded its permit limit for ammonia discharge as a result of equipment problems. The plant makes intermittent discharges of treated sewage into the Rappahannock River.

Ammonia-nitrogen is a nutrient that encourages plant growth, and is among sources of nitrogen that are a major pollutant to the Chesapeake Bay. Nutrients promote the growth of vast algae blooms during the summer months. When the algae die, the decomposition process consumes oxygen needed by other bay life.

In addition, a report on the integrity of a discharge pipe was filed three months late, and without the required photographs, according to the order.

Also, a dye test was not performed, and a separate groundwater-monitoring report was two months late.

Along with the proposed fine, Four Winds agreed to conduct a dye test and inspect the discharge pipe for leaks. And it must submit a plan and schedule to address the ammonia violations to DEQ.

The State Water Control Board will take up the matter after a public comment period ends.

Comments will be accepted through Oct. 11.

Stephanie Bellotti will take them by email at Stephanie
Email: .Bellotti@deq.virginia.gov, and by fax, 703/583-3821.

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