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It's small world after all, readers agree
More Stories from a Small World

Date published: 9/16/2012

IN EARLY AUGUST I told stories here about those "small world" meetings that seem to happen to all who travel.

It proved a popular topic, and I followed that one with readers' own small world stories. But some of those accounts came in too late to make that column, so here are a few more tales of readers discovering what a truly small world it is, after all.

What surprised me was that most who wrote shared not one but several such encounters.

Laura "Randy" Fennemore of Fredericksburg tells about the time her son, George, was wearing Mary Washington College exercise shorts while working out in a gym in Boulder, Colo.

A woman approached and asked if he knew about Fredericksburg. He told her it was his hometown.

Turns out that not only did she live in Fredericksburg, but was a friend of one of the ladies who worked in the college bookstore with Fennemore--in other words, there was a double connection.

Frank White had a career in the U.S. Air Force, which seems to have provided him with an almost endless number of small world encounters.

My favorite involved Frank's wife. He had married in 1963, and the following year he and his wife, Dorothy, moved to his new station at Yokota Air Base, Japan.

One day at the base exchange there, she heard someone speak her name, Dorothy Poole.

Spinning around, she saw Jerry Williamson and James Jones, both of whom had graduated with her from Dillard High School in Yanceyville, N.C., in 1959.

That shouldn't surprise me, really, since several readers said their military service provided almost routine small world meetings.

Betsy Labar had a most unusual story to tell from a chance encounter at a restaurant in Brugge, Belgium.

She is the special events manager at Belmont, Gari Melchers' home and gallery (and beautiful grounds) in Falmouth.

In April, she traveled with the Friends of Belmont group to Holland and Belgium, where the renowned artist had lived and painted.

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