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Rescue squad workers get thanks with a meal

 Sharon and Rick Buker say Caroline County dispatcher and rescue squad combined to save her life.
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Date published: 9/21/2012


But she's a lot better off than some patients who had her condition.

In the 12 years that Cutrona has been a paramedic, she said, she has seen many who have not survived.

"I truly believe the CPR that her husband did under the direction of Debbie Schools is what saved her," Cutrona said. "He gives us the credit, but he is truly the one that saved her."

Buker said he can't give enough praise to the Ladysmith Rescue Squad and the doctors at the hospital, who took care of his wife of nearly 34 years.

Since the incident, the Caroline paramedics have been to visit her three times to see how she's doing.

"We're still amazed," Cutrona said. "[Buker's story] is one of the ones you read about in the textbooks, but hardly ever see."

While Sharon Buker can't do a lot of the things she used to do, she still can cook.

And as a form of thank-you, she is cooking a lasagna dinner tonight for the members of the rescue squad who are responsible for her being here today and for going above and beyond.

The Bukers also sent a dozen roses to the dispatcher.

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