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Man pleads to robbery
Culpeper man given 20-year sentence for third violation of probation in robbery conviction.

Date published: 9/25/2012


Three strikes and you're out--for baseball players and a Culpeper man convicted of robbery.

In April 2006, Odell Tyler, 23, pleaded guilty to robbing Culpeper's Westside Grocery at gunpoint and received a 50-year sentence, with all but one year suspended. His plea followed two trials that ended with hung juries.

In December 2007, Tyler was found guilty of illegally entering El Nopal Grocery and was given a two-year active sentence and 10 years probation for his probation violation.

In 2010, Tyler tested positive for marijuana and was given a 21-month active sentence for his second probation violation.

Then, on May 30 of this year, a jury sentenced Tyler to seven years and 90 days for intent to distribute cocaine and discharging a firearm in the Belle Court neighborhood last December.

On Monday, Circuit Judge Susan Whitlock sentenced Tyler to 20 years in prison for his third violation of the probation stemming from the 2006 Westside Grocery conviction.

That sentence, added to his others, leaves Tyler facing an active sentence of 27 years in prison.

"Probation is a privilege and not a right, and the Culpeper community will be protected because of the significant sentence imposed by the court," said Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Walther.

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