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Biden chides Romney on '47 percent' page 2
Biden speaks in Chesterfield

 Vice President Joe Biden, who spoke to his supporters at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds Tuesday, has made seven campaign appearances in Virginia this year.
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Date published: 9/26/2012


Biden criticized Romney and Ryan for opposing plans to reduce the national deficit by combining spending cuts with revenue increases through taxes. He said Republicans accuse Obama of not taking the debt and deficit seriously, while "they rejected every single plan that has been put forward" that contains revenue provisions.

"These guys think compromise is somehow a dirty word," Biden said.

He also said Republicans ignore their part in creating the nation's financial problems in the first place.

"They're acting like somehow in September 2008, the recession fell from the sky," Biden said. "To solve a problem, you've got to figure out the cause of the problem in the first place."

He said Democrats want to create jobs "from the middle out it doesn't work from the top down."

Biden ended his speech with a call to support military troops, both in service and after they return home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Biden isn't the only one of the top four candidates in Virginia this week; On Thursday, Romney has a rally scheduled in Springfield and Obama has a campaign event scheduled in Virginia Beach.

Both presidential tickets have made frequent stops in Virginia, considered one of a handful of battleground states in November's election.

In response to Biden's remarks, Romney campaign Virginia communications director Curt Cashour said Biden is "recycling false and debunked attacks because he can't tell the people of Virginia about the Obama-Biden record of fewer jobs, more debt, and lower incomes. The reckless policies coming out of the Obama-Biden White House are jeopardizing economic growth, blocking job creation and putting our national security at risk. Middle-class families can't afford four more years like the last four years."

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