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Police look into beating report
Fredericksburg police probe woman's report that she was beaten outside her home

Date published: 9/29/2012


Fredericksburg police are investigating a woman's claim that she was beaten unconscious and robbed outside her home early Thursday evening.

City police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said the reported attack occurred in the 200 block of Kings Mill Court in the Kendalwood apartments complex off U.S. 1, south of Idlewild. The 30-year-old victim said she had just gotten home and opened her door when her cat ran out.

The woman was in the nearby woods looking for the cat when she said she was attacked from behind.

She told police she fell to the ground and was repeatedly struck in the face and head, causing her to lose consciousness. When she came to, her purse and prescription medication were gone.

Bledsoe said city police went to the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center after getting a call about the incident.

The woman, who had extensive bruising and a fractured finger, said she didn't remember how she got to the hospital and couldn't remember where she'd been prior to the attack.

When asked if she knew who might have assaulted her, she blurted out the name of a woman with whom she is involved in a pending court case.

In that case, the Kings Mill Court resident is charged with vandalism and extortion.

Police said she accused a woman at an insurance office on Plank Road of denting her vehicle and offered not to call police in exchange for $100. The other woman declined, and the Kings Mill Court resident then allegedly scratched the side of the other woman's vehicle with a key while the woman and a co-worker looked on, police said.

Those cases are scheduled to be heard Oct. 4 in Fredericksburg General District Court.

Police also encountered the Kings Mill Court resident in April, when she pawned a cellphone and other items at Fredericksburg Gold and Pawn.

After pawning the phone, she returned to the store and asked to get some contact numbers out of it.

The merchant complied, and the woman left the store with the phone that she'd just pawned.

She was convicted of petty larceny in July and got a suspended sentence.

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