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K.G. Sheriff's Office to cut ribbon
New King George Sheriff's Office building has a number of features that didn't exist in the old facility

 The new King George County Sheriff^BENT^0027^EENT^s Office building was completed this summer, and staff relocated there in July.
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Date published: 9/30/2012


The public is invited to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new King George Sheriff's Office building from 2 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Tours of the building will take place after the ribbon-cutting.

The 52 employees of the Sheriff's Office moved into the center in July. It took longer than expected to build the new office, which cost $7.5 million and has two floors of office space and training rooms, areas for communications, prisoner detention and evidence-gathering, and a basement.

Sheriff Steve Dempsey said the new office provides a lot of features that the old one didn't have. Plus, his department, which had offices, equipment and storage in four different places in the county, has been able to consolidate all staff and equipment under one roof.

Features of the new office include:

Holding cells for juveniles and those with disabilities, requirements that King George didn't meet before.

Forensic room: There was no designated location in the old setup for processing evidence.

Fingerprinting room and machines: King George had to use equipment in other localities.

Storage for deputies' guns and ammo: Those had been stored in the evidence room.

K-9 boarding: The deputy had to leave the dog in the car with the air conditioning running when he worked inside the office. The new facility provides shelter, as well as a kennel where the dog can stay when the deputy is out of town.

Vehicle processing garage: Vehicles can be sealed, away from exposure to elements.

Internal training room, conference room and multipurpose room: These facilities didn't exist in the old office.

Prisoner secure transport area: The deputy pulls his car into a secure bay that is locked before the prisoner is removed.

Bereavement/compassionate room: The old office had no private area for families who got bad news or for those whose juvenile relatives were being questioned.

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