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Three new dramas earn a tip of the hat page 2
A nice change in new season: the arrival of several dramas that have real promise

 On 'Last Resort,' a sub crew is ordered to fire nuclear weapons. When the Captain (Andre Braugher, right) demands confirmation, only to be relieved of duty. Mayhem ensues.
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Date published: 10/1/2012

By Rob Hedelt


That will continue, with the new sheriff getting help from his brother (Jason O'Mara) and a longtime friend and assistant prosecutor (Carrie-Anne Moss.)

There's enough conflict to go around: the sheriff vs. crime boss; honest assistant prosecutor vs. crooked boss and ranchers' world vs. land-hungry Vegas.

In the opener O'Mara and Moss were smooth and believable, Chiklis was smooth and scary. But this is Quaid's show and he's up to the challenge. It was really cool to see him riding down The Vegas Strip on his horse to smack a nasty biker with his Winchester.

Bet on this one to be around a while.


Perhaps the most intriguing show of the season is "Last Resort," a tale of what happens when a nuclear submarine is ordered by leaders of a politically conflicted U.S. to unleash nuclear missiles on Pakistan.

Because those orders come through a back channel, the sub's commander (Andre Braugher) demands backup confirmation, something his second in command (Scott Speedman) initially supports.

Before you know it, sketchy U.S. leaders send a missile after the sub and two nuclear missiles into Pakistan.

With the crew split on ignoring the initial orders and what to do next, the sub's commander and exec eventually head to an nearby island. With the threat of firing back, the commander declares it independent territory.

The pilot was perhaps the best to come along in some time, with action non-stop and performance spot on.

A strong supporting cast includes Robert Patrick, Bruce Davison and others, and the situation of having a country fire on its own sub creates intrigue that ripples from the island back to Washington.

The challenge: How to keep all this going for weeks and weeks without going off the rails? We'll see, but the show gets top marks for the way it kicked off.

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Email: rhedelt@freelancestar.com

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