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Enlightenment at CNU
Getting right at CNU

Date published: 10/1/2012

CHRISTOPHER Newport University drew the rebuke of civil libertarians and newspapers (including this one) when students there last month were denied a chance to protest a campus visit by GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Happily, CNU's president, Paul Trible, has more than made things right.

Mr. Trible went beyond a Student Assembly request that the school grant exceptions to a rule requiring a 10-business-day notice in advance of a demonstration. Henceforth, said the president, CNU will require but a 24-hour notice--and exceptions may be granted even for that. Moreover, the university has expanded the venues for mass protest.

Although in a slightly different context, Lyndon Johnson used to say, "If you ain't right, get right." Why's it so hard for authority figures to expeditiously correct a stinko policy? It isn't, President Trible has admirably demonstrated. May his example be noted and followed.