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Who cares about you? Not the politicians!

Date published: 10/2/2012

Who cares about you? Not the politicians!

The recent feeding frenzy by the press and pundits over Mitt Romney's private comments concerning the 47 percent of Americans (actually 47 percent of the 50 percent who vote) entrenched in the Democratic Party's "Big Government" vision is quite humorous.

America has been divided 45-45 between the Democratic and Republican camps, give or take a few points, for decades. The real battle between competing camps is over the 10 to 20 percent of opened-minded or independent voters (like me) who decide the outcome. If I were Romney, I wouldn't care about trying to win over the 47 percent, either.

President Obama likewise will not pour millions into winning over the NRA lobby. So Romney doesn't like you. Do you really think Obama or any politician cares about you? The image in my mind is a caricature of presidential candidates seeing who can kiss the most babies though both despise doing it.

Every American must educate himself on the issues and vote according to who's best for America, not who's best for you. Why? Arlington Cemetery and Walter Reed Hospital are filled reasons why. So many have given so much that you, the individual American, still have the right and responsibility to decide who governs us.

As for the 47 percent Mitt Romney railed about, I do not care about you, either.

Alan S. Taylor