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Romney camp's denial fits the GOP motif

October 3, 2012 12:10 am

Romney camp's denial fits the GOP motif

I wanted to get some idea about how accurate the Romney camp has been about complaints with recent polls showing the president in a stronger position over them.

A quick Google search brought up an article where then-candidate John McCain called polls showing him in the rear as "outliers." His chief pollster cited "oversampling" of Democrats as the problem. We all know how that turned out.

To believe the Romney camp, one would have to accept that all pollsters, people who make a living on accuracy, are in a conspiracy with the Obama campaign. That is hard to swallow when you consider that polls by Fox News, hardly a liberal outlet, show Romney behind by 5 points. It is also strange that conservative pundits grumbling about Romney's lack of success have not cried foul over the statistics. Think they would all keep quiet if this were really going on?

While polls are sometimes wrong, Romney should own up to his situation and shift his losing strategy. The hard part is that the GOP is the party of denial, from climate change to evolution to, now, on losing the White House.

Christian L. Andros


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