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New shows run the gamut page 2
As new shows debut in dribs and drabs, CBS delivers one that's actually worth keeping

 Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams play the all-powerful owners of '666 Park Avenue.'
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Date published: 10/5/2012

By Rob Hedelt


Yes, Terry O'Quinn is typically captivating as the evil owner, with Vanessa Williams up to playing his wife.

The young couple (Rachael Taylor and Dave Annable) who move in manage the building are nice enough, but not up to the real job here.

It's an odd mix--part social swirl, part sex and part horror where people end up dead and worse. Even with the powerful presence of O'Quinn, the show isn't really pulling it off.


My bet for first show to be canceled this year is the really atrocious ABC sitcom "The Neighbors."

How crazy is it that a whole passel of aliens land on Earth, buy an entire subdivision and live out their strange ways.

Things change only when one of their tribe leaves, opening up a spot for a human family to move in.

Jami Gertz and Lenny Venito are the new arrivals, and hilarity supposedly ensues.

Want to hear funny?

These aliens were so clueless about names that they call themselves Reggie Jackson, Larry Bird, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Dick Butkus.

And whenever they show up at the humans' home, they march up in a big triangle out front, all wearing the same silly clothes.

Oh yeah, and every now and then, they change into alien form, throwing some green gook out as they do.

Supposedly, the fact humans and aliens go through the same struggles will make this funny and cute.

Instead, it's just as lame as the scene in which one of the aliens is cleaning the windshield of his round space ship out front one weekend morning.

The jokes fall flat, everyone but Gertz is horrid and the effects just look silly.

Here's a suggestion, Hollywood. Screen new shows like this for a panel of real people somewhere.

They would have laughed this one off the schedule.

Rob Hedelt: 540/374-5415
Email: rhedelt@freelancestar.com

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